What is the purpose of quick-drying clothes?

What is the purpose of quick-drying clothes?

2019-03-02 17:27:40


What is the purpose of quick-drying clothes?

Some people think that the quick-drying clothes are very mysterious. They think that there are a lot of high-tech ingredients in them. In fact, most of the quick-drying clothes are made of chemical fiber fabrics, but because of the different processing technology, they have all kinds of ordinary clothes. Magical effect. The water absorption is not high, and the gas permeability is good. Because of the material, it has certain anti-splashing property. After being wet, it is faster than ordinary clothes under the action of body temperature or wind.

Quick-drying clothes do not absorb sweat, but quickly transfer the sweat to the surface of the clothes, and the sweat is evaporated through the air circulation, so as to achieve the purpose of quick-drying. The general quick-drying clothes are dried faster than cotton fabrics. 50%.



The design concept of quick-drying clothes is inseparable from the quick-drying principle and the use environment. Quick-drying clothes are produced in response to the requirements of outdoor sports use environment. Under normal circumstances, you can wear quick-drying clothes in spring and summer. The most important thing is that quick-drying clothes are more convenient and practical than thick ones.

Quick-drying function features Many people wear a cotton garment that is "comfortable and breathable" in order to get rid of the feeling that a lot of sweat is deposited on the skin surface after exercise. But in fact, the cotton texture of the clothing can only absorb sweat and is not breathable, not suitable for sports wear. The correct way is to choose a quick-drying garment that is loose, comfortable, stretchable, breathable and easy to perspire.

The main function of quick-drying clothes is to quickly perspire, that is, to quickly absorb and spread the sweat from the skin, and to accelerate the evaporation rate by expanding the area as much as possible. In general, the sweat on the back can be dried in 20 minutes. Quick-drying clothes can be damp and keep warm, which helps to keep the skin dry and refreshed. Especially when doing outdoor sports, quick-drying clothes can play a better role in windproof, rainproof and moistureproof. Even if the rainy clothes are all wet, the quick-drying clothes can be completely dried in only half an hour.

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