Wear cycling pants shorts to ride mobike in the street

Wear cycling pants shorts to ride mobike in the street

2019-01-17 18:15:23


         For people who love cycling at ordinary times, cycling pants is the most refreshing equipment in summer cycling.There are a lot of people now wear cycling pants shorts to ride mobike in the street.

         Cycling pants originates from road cycling. If there is any iconic object that can distinguish "road cycling" from "road cycling", the extensive use of cycling pants also benefits from the former professional Swiss rider Toni maier-moussa, who gets inspiration from the aerodynamic design in downhill skiing.With the continuous exploration of cycling clothing's comfort and professionalism, the professional cycling world was crazy about cycling pants at that time, and finally cycling pants became a tradition of cycling.



         Cycling pants returns to the streets, Riding Swag, look at the runway and street, nothing can stop the spread of "sports wind".Soon, cycling pants is back on the street. The combination of cycling pants and cycling on the street is just right between the directness and fashion of the street.Streetwear is known for using cycling pants to its best advantage.They are in the body practice on daily dress, or fashionable and fashionable, or athletic and lively, or comfortable and recreational, need not conceal the curve of leg ministry painstakingly again, need not care about the eye of others and mainstream evaluation.They use them to express their belief in always being yourself.



          Breaking the tradition, cycling pants redefines the popularity, while the popularity of cycling pants is more of an expression of breaking the tradition.It means that people no longer reject certain types of clothing for any particular occasion or purpose.For example, hiking socks are no longer worn for hiking, and pajamas are no longer worn for sleeping.In the past few years, cycling pants has become so popular again as a form of unconventional dressing.

          Nowadays, it's commonplace to wear cycling pants to work.

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