Should the tight running clothes be loose when running?

Should the tight running clothes be loose when running?

2019-02-21 13:37:11


Should the tight running clothes be loose when running?

In running, wearing professional sports tights is relatively better than wearing loose, mainly for the following reasons:

1, sportswear such as tights can reduce the fatigue of the athletes. The bodysuit accelerates blood circulation through different pressures, thereby promoting venous return in the body and discharging the metabolism of lactic acid in time.

2, tights and tights these running gear, is conducive to maintaining the body's best muscle movement temperature, accelerate the body heat regulation process of heat and perspiration during exercise.



In addition, maintaining a proper muscle temperature during running exercise can reduce the chance of injury and ensure better running performance. This is an important reason why running tights.

3, tights can reduce fatigue and promote exercise endurance.

The most terrible thing in running is not the impact of the joints, but the resonance caused by the body impact. The body resonance caused by running will make the body tissues, joints, cartilage and so on easily wear and damage.

People with great body are especially susceptible to resonance. Because the resonance frequency of fat is very close to that of articular cartilage, and the larger the volume of fat, the heavier the weight, the stronger the effect of resonance.

So you need a tight legging and tights to protect yourself when you run.

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