How to choose the right clothes for running?

How to choose the right clothes for running?

2018-12-15 15:07:30


Although there is no requirement for fitness equipment for running, there are certain requirements for how to choose running equipment. Inappropriate running clothing will not only hinder your running process, but also bring some physical damage. How should it be correct? Choose running clothes?



Choose Running Wear: Step 1 running top

It is not advisable to choose a shirt that is too loose when running, and a loose top will produce greater resistance when running.

It is not advisable to choose a shirt that is too tight when running. The tightness of the body is more likely to damage the skin when running.

It is recommended to choose a shirt that fits quickly and quickly. It is not advisable to choose a cotton top.



Step 2 Running pants

It is recommended to choose pants with better elasticity when running, and pants that are not elastic and too big will hinder running.

You can't choose too small pants, too small pants will cause you to run without legs.

People with larger weights can choose tights when running to prevent friction inside the thighs.

Lighter people can also choose tight pants when running, which can make the leg feel tight and the thigh muscles are in tension.

Step 3 Running socks

When you are running for a long time, you should not choose cotton socks, it is easy to grind blisters, you should choose professional running socks.

Step 4 running hair band

It is recommended to use hair bands when women's hair is running longer. Men who are prone to sweating can also use hair bands.

To choose a thicker sweat-absorbent hair band.

Step 5 Sports underwear

Women should choose Sports Bra sports underwear when running to avoid chest discomfort during running.

Better sports equipment helps improve exercise and achieve better exercise.


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