How to choose Yoga Pants suitable for you

How to choose Yoga Pants suitable for you

2019-01-23 16:28:28


         How to choose Yoga Pants suitable for you,yoga currently on the market, there are two main types of Pants, one kind is affected by the Indian culture is very loose Yoga Pants, more relaxed style that is relatively free, the benefits of this kind of clothes you wear up practice is relaxed, there is no tight feeling, suitable for practicing the strength is not big, pay attention to the Yoga postures in yangxin, such as traditional hatha, Yin Yoga.

        The downside of the Yoga Pants, which is very loose, is that when you do some inverted three-dimensional, such as downward dog, shoulder stand, clothes may block your line of sight.When you practice ashtanga, there is a gaze requirement, and when you do the downward dog pose, you have to look towards your belly button, and if your clothes are loose, you can only see the clothes hanging down.


        Westerners will wear very tight clothes when practicing yoga, because they generally like the exercise that is strong, can lose weight, can build muscle lines and very cool, so practicing yoga is also this requirement, what force yoga, hot yoga, core yoga, beer yoga and so on.

        Tight clothes not only make it easier for them to show off their muscles and lose weight, but also make it easier for them to do high-intensity exercises.Some clothes are still dry quickly, and you don't have to worry too much about going outside and getting a cold if you sweat a lot in winter.

        Yoga Pants is designed in combination with the stretching degree of Yoga itself, which is more effective for training. Although other sports clothes are comfortable and convenient, they are not necessarily suitable for Yoga's requirements on body shape and stretching degree.Therefore, we try our best to choose professional Yoga Pants when exercising. 

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