How do you pick the right Sportswear?

How do you pick the right Sportswear?

2019-01-31 15:00:27


         How do you pick the right Sportswear? Whether we must wear professional Sportswear we also say that the first choice of Sportswear is the material, whether the coat or underwear is best made of sweat, especially to avoid wearing pure cotton underwear.

         Pure cotton clothes to absorb sweat is true, in the relatively large temperature difference, wearing pure cotton clothes is more likely to make people catch cold after strenuous exercise. During exercise, the body pores are open, and cold air enters through the pores of the skin, which is not good for the health of the body. In the autumn and winter season when the temperature difference is relatively large, wearing pure cotton clothes not only does not have the effect of heat preservation and comfort, but also makes people catch cold more easily after strenuous exercise, causing bad symptoms such as wind chill, cold, headache and so on. Choosing Sportswear, material such as polyester fiber and synthetic fabric fiber can help to disperse moisture and keep skin dry. Dry and fresh.

         In addition, for the cloudy and sunny weather, sports should pay more attention to dressing layers, in short, do not exercise to wear a little more, exercise wear thin, pay attention to warm before and after exercise. It is best to bring a pair of shoes, avoid long-time wearing sweat-soaked shoes.



         Many people simply think that once you exercise, you won't feel cold and wear a sports suit. But they don't know that the body produces more heat only in the middle of the body, one after another is very vulnerable to the impact of external temperature, if not pay attention to, it is likely to be due to drastic changes in human body temperature and illness.

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